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How I am dealing with a failed marriage/ relationship (A real-life perspective from subsister)

Love is a powerful feeling, a special bond if [formed] with the right person could last lifetimes.

Quotes on Relationships and Love - Travel N Book Blog

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what we’ve been told, showed and have it instilled in our brain through movies, books, songs, and people around us. What if it doesn’t go well? What if the two people meant to be are having a hard time together? Do we really need to drag ourselves through an unhappy relationship? Are any futile efforts going to make it right or should (and when) we stop trying altogether?

That’s the only thing on mind since past few days. It took me time and a lot of guts to take my issues out in the open. I’ve been married for the past 3 months and just like every other person I stepped into this new life with hopes, dreams, expectations and a lot of pressure to please my husband and in-laws. After the big celebration, I started to experience the ugly picture that more-or-less is a part of every family.

I’m not a professional marriage counselor or even have years of relationship experience if anything I’m far from. However, being observant and curious I can’t turn a blind eye to things even if I want to.

Common relationship issues (almost) every couple experience:

It’s been there for generations and we are just taught to either leave it or live with it. After sharing my relationship issues and listening to others’ I came to know almost every struggling marriage go through these common relationship problems:

  1. Dissimilar personalities
  2. Sex life
  3. Trouble sharing responsibilities
  4. Communication
  5. Childhood habits and routines
  6. Family issues and interference
  7. Work-life balance
  8. Ego issues (biggest relationship issue)
  9. Wanting different things from life

Can a broken marriage be repaired?

The celebration and praising wore off and I started facing all these relationship issues and haven’t found a solution to change things forever better. However, I got some really simple yet useful tips that worked and helped me to stop getting things worse between me and my husband for a while. All these advises and tips came from people who are a few months, 5 years and about 20 years into their marriage now and these seemed to work for them.

  1. Understand where your partner is coming from
  2. Talk things out
  3. Don’t play the blame game
  4. Don’t give up on your ambitions and desires
  5. Lifestyle change to help you positively deal with your emotions and anger issues

what if you can’t find a solution to failing marriage?

  1. Accept the truth
  2. Take the help of friends or family
  3. Visit a couple counsellor
  4. Make the right decision

I’m still finding it difficult to be in this mentally exhaustive relationship. But I can’t find the way (and the guts) to get out of it. Do any of you have a piece of advice or words that would help me and keep me going? Have you ever been into an unhappy relationship? How did you deal with it? I would love to know. Let’s connect through the comments section below.

PS: I couldn’t end this post without sharing these heart-touching quotes on relationships and marriage that catch the true essence of love and relationship.

Quotes on Relationships and Love - Travel N Book Blog
Quotes on Relationships and Love - Travel N Book Blog
Quotes on Relationships and Love - Travel N Book Blog
Quotes on Relationships and Love - Travel N Book Blog